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Welcome To My Home Page
Mika here, and I just want to say that some of this content you may not like. This site is dedicated to YAOI and BISHONEN. (though it will not have all Yaoi it is mostly Yaoi.)I have warned you here and now so if you happen to be disturbed or offended by any of this, don't blame me, for you must not have taken this seriously.

Why are you wasting your time here? You could be having sex with . . .

Which Weiß Kreuz guy could you be having sex with?

Omae wa dochira anime no VILLAIN desu ka?

Welcome To My Home Page

My CorkBoard!

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Stolen Pocky
Insulting Inu-yasha is OK, but stealing Pocky is just wrong!!!But it is a cute picture so I forgive him.^^
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HEE...This is only the begining....^^