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YAOI PICS! Indeed 'cause this is a yaoi webpage of photos.^^This is the first site that I've made that is dedicated to Bishonen And Yaoi, So bear with me, OK? ALSO, I am not GAY! And if you don't beleive me then ask my Fiancee!@:
---Mika Makato Mycin---



It's so KAWAII!!!^^

A cute Couple.---/vika^^---

um...well i can't remember what I was gonna call this one. Anyone that has a caption for this e-mail me!^^---Mika---

Quatre and Trowa only

DuoxHee-chan again


Duo an' Hee-chan don't they look cute together???

Heero and Duo^^

oh...Well, Heero and Duo ^^;

Hm... And people say I'm INNOCENT!---Mika---

I liked this one for some reason(If you guys can think of good titles for these, please mail them to me! thanx)

Heero And Duo^^